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Welcome to Beauty Chambre

Charise Ho is the spirit of Beauty Chambre. Her passion for beauty is well known to many people. She has got extensive knowledge and experience as a beauty therapist and a beauty trainer.

Her passion for beauty started at a very young age, she graduated in Belgium holding a hairdressing & beauty diploma. Returning to Malaysia she continued to enrich her skills in a national aesthetic academy. Her very 1st employment as a beauty therapist was working for Estee Lauder. She was fortunate to have the role as as a beauty trainer for several reputable skincare brands and she landed in the most luxurious brand Chanel as a training manager. Today, she continues her passion at her own beauty center. She knows the beauty industry is constantly evolving, she continuously enhance her knowledge by venturing into new skills, treatment and products to help her clients achieve better skin. All she shares with clients are effectiveness, good qualities, originality and safety…

Here are some of her beauty mottoes:

  • Willingness is the first step if you want to achieve beautiful skin..
  • Without effort & commitment, it will not work…
  • Never forget good skincare, balance diet and healthy lifestyle are best combination.. especially for problematic skin ..
  • Good skin will not last forever, if you don’t take care of it..
  • Use moisturizer & sunblock to delay your wrinkles & spots…unless you like them..really?? no way.. it will speed up your skin age..
  • Oily, acne & congested skin, you can’t run from a monthly facial to keep the pores clean…
  • Quality products come with a price but it has to deliver what you have paid for….
  • Using some skincare is better than not using any…
  • There are always many options to achieve better skin, it’s a choice if you are willing to make effort and commit to it

Need some beauty tips, Charise is happy to help. click here to arrange a chat with her.

Our Services

Find your beauty soulmate and discover SkinOrigin Biometic intensive facial therapy and power of Decléor aromatherapy facial treatments.

SkinOrigin Treatments

Provided by our beauty professionals, Beauty Chambre offers exclusive SkinOrigin penta peptides treatments to accelerate and orchestrate wound healing by facilitating endothelial cell migration and proliferation in chronic and acute wounds such as diabetic foot ulcers and venous ulcers..

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SkinOrigin Products

Our wide range of targeted and results-driven SkinOrigin products promotes the skin physiological responses such as increasing collagen production, of controlling acne and reducing pigmentation. It heals the skin through naturally occurring proteins, diminishes skin sensitivity and allergic reaction.

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