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Beauty Chambre On-Going Promotion

These are the on going promotions together with products for you to kick start the skin treating program.

20% OFF: 5 Sessions of Fibroᵌ Peptides Treatment

Effects of Fibroᵌ Peptides Treatment

  • To combat against skin blemishes, acnes, pigmentation, wrinkles, and dilated pores
  • Encourage the skin to revive itself instantly
  • Collagen renewal and cellular rejuvenation of healthy skin
  • 有效的对抗肌肤的瑕疵,暗疮,皱纹,黑斑及毛孔粗大的问题
  • 立即促进肌肤的自行再生功能
  • 有活跃的胶原蛋白与细胞的更新周期,让您拥有更年轻的肌肤

Purchase 5 sessions of Fibroᵌ Peptides Treatment (value@RM638 per sessions) with SkinOrigin Home Care Products (value@RM2300)

Home Care Products include:
Cleansing Milk RM205.00
Gentle Exfoliant Cleanser RM218.00
Gentle Toner RM218.00
Active Repair Essence RM498.00
Radiance Essence RM498.00
UV Light 40 RM225.00
Peptides Complex RM438.00


(U.P. RM5490)

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