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We know that acne skin is a common skin concern. 

Especially with constant wearing a facemask, the skin develops more blackheads, more whiteheads, and eventually more pimples.

We have 3 candidates to join us on this 6-week skin makeover journey. 

So we want to help the candidates to achieve healthier skin.

After 6 weeks, we have completed part of our Skin Makeover Challenge, by treating the contestants with SkinOrigin skincare and the Hydra Facial Device. 

Due to the MCO, we have to keep the facial treatment testimonials to a later stage, when the beauty salon is allowed to operate.

The feedback of their journey is skin is clearer, brighter, less congestion and texture is smoother. 

We are happy to be able to help them, let's recap on what they say about their Skin Makeover Journey.